Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I got nothing.

Well, I've peaked too soon. I have little news, other than I'm making steady progress on my Red Scarf Project. I still have a bunch of yarn left, and I've reached the point where I can stop anytime, as the scarf is scarf-length. I think it will be better a bit longer (in case it gets sent to a tall, or thick-necked person) so I'll do what I can into this weekend, but this weekend is the last opportunity to block it, so whatever is done will be done. Then - on to baby sweaters and fun fur hats! Can I handle knitting bigomy?

How is your Red Scarf Project going?

And, just in case you missed it:

This is not my kitty. My kitty wouldn't stand for this sort of nonsense, and would claw his way out of the sweater and then go hunting for whoever did it to him. My kitty is a no-nonsense kitty.

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

And I wouldn't blame him either! My scarf is done, done, done.