Friday, April 27, 2007

FO: Daisy sweater - Knitting Olympics 2006

After nearly a year, I'm finally getting around to showing my Knitting Olympics project. "What's that?" you say?

In early 2006, I had just discovered blogs. I started reading them, heard about the bloggy awards and therefore found the Yarn Harlot. I started reading (back then I was still hitting reload in my browser - are you still doing that? That's so 2006....) and the timing was just right for me to join the Knitting Olympics. (Go read. I'll wait.) We had more Knitting Olympics participants than the real Olympics did.

So I decided on the Yarn Harlot's own pattern, a baby sweater. Why a baby sweater? Because it has all the parts of a sweater, but it's smaller. This way I could finally practice my finishing techniques and have a real pieced-together finished thing.

I stopped by my local sewing shop that had yarn, got some Tahki Cotton Classic, and began. I knitted during meetings at work (I explained the challenge). I knitted during my lunch breaks. I took it with me everywhere. I rediscovered that I like knitting - a lot! And my hands didn't hurt! Yay!

So here, after all this time, I finally took a photo. When I finished (just barely in time; I think I had it done except for the buttons being sewed on) I used some leftovers to make a hat (my first "self-designed" hat) and some socks/booties.

Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic, aqua, I think I ended up buying 3 skeins
Pattern: Daisy Sweater (from Knitty), by the Yarn Harlot, without any embellishment, in the smallest size.
Needles: I have no idea. I probably used size 7 circular, Susan Bates.

And finally, I have a blog so I can put up my medal.

A close-up of the fish buttons:
Thank you, Elise of Simply Recipes, for getting nominated for a Bloggy, so that I could discover the Yarn Harlot, so that I would join the Knitting Olympics, so that I picked up knitting again, so that I could start this blog, and meet all of you!


AlisonH said...

That's really cool! Little sweaters and booties and hats are so cute. I'm just waiting for the day I have grandkids to knit for; my four kids are in college and grad school, so, someday. I think every brand new person who comes into the world should have something created just for them.

Courtney said...

Does your sweater seem huge given its intended size? I'm just now sewing up the seams on a 3-6 month version and it seems enormous to me. Huge or not, it's one cute sweater.

Theresa said...

It's about time - congrats on getting that medal up!

Brenda said...

Great story and sweater! A very good idea to knit a baby sweater to perfect all the sweaterly skills.

JulieLoves2Knit said...

The process is amazing isn't it? Blogging has been such an adventure! Great sweater! Someone is very lucky!

knitseashore said...

Congratulations on earning that medal and posting proudly! Your berry hat is really cute too. Can't wait to see what you knit next!