Monday, March 26, 2007

Drowning in a sea of knitting

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The Sweetie's parents visited this weekend, which meant no knitting group, and almost no knitting. I worked on the fun fur hat one night before sleep, and that's it.

More future things to blog about: I received my prize STR on Friday! Thanks so much, Kathy and the lovely ladies at Irisheyes! Photo tomorrow.

Also, have you heard about this? It's a traveling blanket / swap. I'm thinking I could do this - 1 square (or whatever), that I could do ahead of time and attach. If I'm ambitious, I could try something like Nona's swatches; if not, I can make a pretty square.

So I still need to finish the fun fur hat, the beanie for a preemie, and (it's getting close to the end of the bustalong) the aran baby sweater. And we are going to try and meet the twins who are the intended recipients for the Pea Pod sweaters over Easter, so I really need to find some buttons!

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diana said...

Buying buttons for baby sweaters is my favorite pasttime :)