Thursday, March 22, 2007

Read all about it (later)

Ocean bluff
Originally uploaded by knitswithasilentk.
I have two knitting news bits, both of which will wait for better photos for the full story.

Firstly, I received my Wee Tiny Sock from my swapee, who has a blog but I left her notecard at home and can't tell you where it is. And I took a photo this morning but I had a slow start and didn't have time to upload it.

Secondly, I finished the second Pea Pod sweater last night. So all I need are buttons. Maybe this weekend I'll have a chance to look for some.

And now top of my knitting list is finishing the fun fur hat and sending it off, making a beanie for a preemie, sewing and finishing the baby Aran sweater, working on my toe-up socks, and unearthing some more UFOs (lace scarf?). If I'm really good and can start a new project, I can start the bump sweater and/or Fetching and Dashing.

Sorry for the lack of links. I'm still working out whether I like blogging best from Flickr (the way they insert the photos is nice) or Blogger. Heck, I might even try the Emacs interface (now I'm showing my geekiness).

Enjoy the photo (especially you, Knits by the Seashore!). Gosh, I thought I'd have to take lots of pictures of the cat to fill in on days when I have no knitting to show. Turns out, the ocean is just as photogenic and a lot more cooperative.


Kathy said...

Lovely ocean view. I do love the kitty posts on blogs too, anytime.

Debby said...

I am soaking it in....ahhhhhhh.

It could be a postcard!! Of course I like the kitty photos too, but I'm not going to complain if you post more of these, either.

*sighs with deep contentment*