Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Good Causes & Happy News

There are many good causes in the world. I have the blessings of having a job, owning a home (well, a mortgage the size of California), and being able to go out to dinner when I feel like it, and I feel that I don't donate enough of my money to charity. And with the web and PayPal, it's really easy. Knitting is easy too, especially if you have stash yarn waiting around, and if they're stockinette hats in kids or baby sizes.

Here are my opportunities, shared here in case you want to join the fun:
  • Fun fur hats. Mini is done, but she is passing the torch to her friend, MargaretGraceMills (AT) gmail (DOT) com, who will donate hats to Seattle Children's Hospital. Finish up your fun fur by April 1!
  • Heather, yarn dyer extraordinaire, at All Things Heather, is raising money to buy books for her daughter's school's sister school in South Africa. She is offering deals on her own hand-dyed yarn for those who donate! $20 gets you a skein (Heather, are you crazy?), $25 gets a skein dyed just for you, and $50 gets you 1 lb of yarn at 50% cost for wool or at cost for silk yarn. You can add to stash while not buying yarn!
  • Julie is collecting preemie hats until April 15. A great way to end the Stash Bust-along, don't you think? I have a bit of leftover sock yarn that would be great for this.
And just because I'm a sucker for weddings, Theresa is setting a new course! Congratulations Theresa!

[ETA: Also, I have donated to the Harlot's favorite, MSF, and also to She Knits By the Seashore's campaign for IBS, Get Your Guts in Gear. More info here. Really, donating is a good idea, sweetened even more by the possibility of winning some nice yarn in a drawing!]

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knitseashore said...

That photo is amazing. I so would love to move to California!! It's about 18F here today, but thankfully most of the snow is gone.

That's great that you were able to contribute to all of those charities, and thank you too for supporting our ride for GYGIG. The knitting blogland is really inspiring as far as charity knitting and things go, and I'm so glad to be a part of that. Now I have to finish my squares for Blanket of Hope and get them in the mail! :)