Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Socks on Circs

I started a new project. I know, I need to finish 3 baby sweaters (now all at the same stage) plus I have promised 2+ hats for charity. But I wanted some mindless, in the round knitting (hats hats hats should have been it) and so I started.

For my next socks, I wanted to try some new techniques.
  • Toe-up. I'd been eyeing the magic toe-up cast-on from Knitty, and I wanted to use it. So far, I love it, as there is no discernable edge where it began. Next time, maybe I'll use Wendy's provisional cast-on and her short-row toe. I hadn't realized it wasn't compatible with the magic cast-on.
  • Short row heel. For this, I do plan to use Wendy's Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern. Also, this yarn came with reinforcing thread which I might use in the heel part. Too late to use it in the toes.
  • 2 socks on 2 circs. I have vowed henceforth to always do both socks simultaneously, if necessary switching back and forth between them, in order to avoid SSS. But I've not done it on 2 circs before, and I'm finding it interesting.
I'm otherwise doing a plain stockinette sock, as I think the jacquard pattern is too busy for much else. That is new too! This kind of making up a pattern based on measurements (and lots of try-ons). How high will they go? Only time will tell.

A quick needle review

I chose to use an Addi Turbo and a KnitPicks needle (classic circular). Both are size 1, 24". (Don't do two socks on 2 16" needles. I tried that.) It's cool because I know my Addi (greenish cable) is needle 1 - the first needle of the round - and the KP (purple cable) is needle 2, so I don't have much sorting out to do when I pick them up. But it is giving me a unique opportunity to try them side-by-side. I'm finding that other than the pointiness of the needle, I prefer the Addis. It might be that, as Grumperina reported, that they are lighter. I know for sure that when I slide the sock onto the needle from the cord, it slides smoothly on the Addi, whereas it is likely to catch on the KP needle. I only know that I feel somewhat more relaxed and happy when using the Addi (except when doing M1R, when it's devilishly hard to get the needle in right).

And the best part is it's using yarn from the stash.

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Brenda said...

It's great you're trying new techniques on the socks! I like the yarn colors.