Wednesday, March 28, 2007

There are things worse than boring

Under the pier
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I finished the fun fur chemo cap #6, but ran out of yarn just before the end and filled in with some worsted red yarn I had leftover from the Red Scarf project. But it looks all wrong and holey, so tonight I will see what I can do with 2 20" pieces of fun fur I found about the house, to finish it a bit more in the fur and then maybe just cinch it closed.

My toe-up socks are coming out too big, too. At least I can measure my gauge and make a better guess for next time. (Oh, are you supposed to do that before you start?) Next time I'll use a piece of paper (a tool I seldom use unless it's a pattern print-out). But I might put them aside for a while in favor of Fetching or Dashing.

I need to work on seaming the Aran baby sweater for the Bustalong and knit a preemie sized beanie. I clearly need more knitting time.

On the way home today I'll stop and see if I can find some suitable buttons and really finish the Pea Pod sweaters - I washed them last night (machine wash warm, tumble dry low). I had irrational fears that they'd just come apart and I'd pull out big tangles of yarn. Thankfully, only one of them has 2 ends sticking out of the right side.

Until tomorrow!


knitseashore said...

I love your photos of the water and pier -- so pretty! I'm glad your peapod sweaters survived the wash ok too. It is always scary, that moment when you open the lid of the washing machine...

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

You said, "I clearly need more knitting time." And I say, "Don't we all?" But then I'd start more projects perhaps?

Hehe, never enough time either.