Thursday, March 15, 2007


Progress continues on the Pea Pod sweaters. (The photo is from last weekend, the same day as the two piles of finished and unfinished.) Last night my knitting group met and I finished weaving in the ends, and picked up and knit the neck for one of the sweaters. I would have possibly have finished it, except that I was 2 rows into the neck pattern before I realized I'd been knitting it in the main color, and not the contrast color. Oops!

I also received these buttons (the strawberry ones) from Peace Fleece. I knew when I ordered them that they might not be right for the sweaters, and now I know they are not. But they are so cute, I might just have to figure out a sweater to knit for them!

Also in the order was a potholder kit (scroll down), which includes a set of wooden needles with painted tops. I plan to give the kit and the Kids Knit book to my friend's daughter if when I teach her how to knit.

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Rachel said...

I just love how those two colors of the peapod sweaters go together -- I can't wait to see them finished! Sorry about the setback. I hate it when you think you have momentum toward finishing something and then you realize you have to rip something back. Sounds like they'll be done very soon, though!