Thursday, March 8, 2007

(Knitting book) stash enhancement!

I took my dad to Solvang this weekend for some sightseeing and wine tasting. And we just happened to pop in to Village Spinning & Weaving! I hinted that maybe I should start there while they (The Sweetie and dad) were lingering over brunch, but they demurred. So they wandered around for a while, while inside the shop I petted yarns and mostly paged through books I've seen mentioned in the knitblogging world and which are in my Amazon wishlist.

Most of them I found I didn't need so much - the Montse Stanley book that Grumperina worships might have a place on my shelf eventually, but a large portion of it covers knitting skills I already have. I should visit it again before buying.

They did have a copy of Kids Knit, which made its way home in my bag. It's really not for me, so it's okay, right? A friend mentioned her daughter was interested in knitting, and after perusing it, it looks like a good kids book. The only hitch might be that she's left-handed. I plan to teach her "right-handed" especially after the survey that ScoutJ put out, but I was going to try and teach her continental. This book has only English. Maybe we'll start there and if she doesn't like English, we can go to continental. I also this week ordered a knit potholder kit from Peace Fleece - it includes 4 colors of yarn and some nice needles with hand-painted ends.

But here - a book on designing kilt hose! I happen to know someone who wears kilt hose: The Sweetie's sister's husband. And I happened to ask him if he might someday want a pair. Smart man, he said yes. This book is a delight - written by a woman from Argyll, Scotland, and recently reprinted by Schoolhouse Press. There is a wonderful paragraph about deciding what kind of stocking you are designing - one for running about outside at work, or fine stockings for evening wear. The knitting group had a few giggles over that one!

The bookshelf has gotten rather heavier as a result of the yarn diet so far this year!

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knitseashore said...

Isn't it funny how when you decide not to buy yarn, the books and patterns just jump off of the shelves at you? :)