Thursday, April 26, 2007

Old FO: Berry hat

Berry hat
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Thanks so much for all the comments on the Faroese yarn. I think from the resounding response, it is destined for a Feather & Fan shawl! Should I use the one from Folk Shawls, or one of the many other patterns out there?

I finished this at least a year ago, possibly two. It's a really fun pattern - you start by knitting the leaves, casting on and binding off to make the points. Then you pick up stitches and make the rest of the hat. The bumpy berry pattern is easy to memorize, too.

Yarn: Heirloom superwash wool, I think it was 8ply. I think this is it. I haven't seen it in shops very much, but I really liked working with it.
Needles: Um...probably size 7 circulars Susan Bates. I'm guessing here.
Pattern: Berry Cute Hat from Fiber Trends

Also: more opportunities to give, with yarny prizes:
Gretchen is walking for the American Heart Association's Heart Walk, and strangelittlemama is walking for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (wow, that's a mouthful. But I didn't think you'd understand if I said ACSMSABC.). Give if you can.


Brenda said...

Very cute hat!

The patterns in Folk Shawls are very well written and I like the book, but there are a lot of patterns out there. I know Fiber Trends has a version called Old Shale.

Macoco said...

Wow - what a cute hat!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Use one that calls out to ya! If one in Folk Shawls doesn't do that to ya, then you need to keep looking. ;-)