Tuesday, April 3, 2007

New tools: DPN holders

DPN holders
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I bought these from Three Owls Knitting after Aija listed that shop as one of her favorite etsy shops. To be brutally honest, there was a delay before I got them, but trusting Aija, I wasn't worried. Then Sherry, the seller, contacted me to find out if I'd gotten them - apparently, she'd had some problems with some of her items being super delayed in the mail. I hadn't, and so she sent replacements.

They are really nicely made and I really love the blue flower beads. And I sort of didn't really believe that the price was for a pair of them...and now I've received the first and the replacement. Eight pairs! Guess I'd better start some socks on DPNs.

Also in the new tools category, I've added some links on the right sidebar. Firstly, I've changed the RSS feeds to point to feedburner. Those of you who already have the Blogger RSS feed are still fine, although the feedburner will give me better statistics (that is, it will include you) if you change. Secondly, I know I'm being read by some of you who keep reloading the page. That is fine with me, but if you would prefer, feedburner offers this new RSS by email, so I've included the link. Finally, at 4 FOs for 2007, I decided to add a Flash badge of the FOs for this year. Hopefully it will fill up! If you see stuff you like, don't like, or don't see something you would like, do let me know in the comments or in email. You can find my email by clicking on the profile (top right) and clicking the link to send email.

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Those needle covers work GREAT also. I have a few pair and use two at least all the time ;-)