Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Toe-up socks

Toe-up socks
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I showed you the start of these before, but I did get several inches before deciding they were too big. So I picked out where in the increases I should have stopped and picked up the stitches with dpns.

I have to say, I don't mind picking up stitches, but what gets me is the edge stitches; because they're so twisty it's hard to know which loop to pick up. This is one reason that I feel very apprehensive about ripping. But this time, it was in the round - no edge stitches! And as long as I picked up on a non-increase row, it was pretty easy. Just a little fiddling, and it was done, and I rip-rip-ripped them out.

I did (ahem) measure gauge before ripping. 7 sts/in, on size 1 needles. I had heard around the blogosphere that KP size 1 were really size 1.5, but unless Addis also do this, I'm not sure. I'm using one Addi Turbo and one KP (I can tell by color which is which) and they look the same to me. (I'll have to get some calipers. The Sweetie approves of having calipers about the house.)

I knew that my feet were small in length. I didn't know they were also small around. These socks, ladies and gentlemen, are 44 stitches per round.

It does make for fast sock knitting.


Debby said...

Oh the pain of sizing and frogging and reknitting socks. I hope that you can figure out your fit issues soon!! :)

Kathy said...

Oh I love the colorway. Little feet, little problems!

jessie said...

They're adorable. Maybe that's why I take so long to knit socks: My feet are huge.

Brenda said...

You do have tiny feet! Glad the ripping worked. M has measured some of my needles with his calipers. My $1 a pair metal size one needles are smaller than my Clover bamboo size 1s. I need to see how my new crystal palace bamboo compare.

Great colorway for the socks!