Friday, April 20, 2007

ECF: The no new photos edition

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I lost my camera last weekend when we went to Davis for Picnic Day. Luckily, a friend of mine works in the building where I lost it, and she located it and is mailing it back to me. So no new photos until it arrives.

But this photo was just waiting to appear on the blog.

A tale of two socks

Last night, I determined that my socks were 1.5" shorter than a pair of (machine-knitted) socks that fit me perfectly, so I started the short row heel. I was humming along, until I realized that I'd reached the point where the heel was a stitch shorter than Wendy's pattern/recipe said to stop decreasing. No problem, because my feet are small. Then I held them up to my feet.

[Imagine a photo of a sock with a big foot in it]

My sock is way too small. It fits my toe perfectly, although it is possible the stitches are more stretched than they "should" be - I'm not sure how stretched out they should look. My foot where the toes begin is 8 1/4" around, but just where the instep is is 9". This, at 7 sts/inch - 10% ease puts my stitch count at 50-58 stitches.

But here is my puzzlement - it seems that over the course of the toe, I should increase 8 stitches, but in all sock patterns I've seen, the stitch count remains the same throughout the foot. Are my feet weird, or do I need to have a loose toe? (Remember, I previously frogged the foot because it was too big - I think the stitch count was 60.)

Have a good weekend! I think mine will involve frogging some socks. But I want to get these right, so I can use it as a template for all of my future socks.


Debby said...

Just catching up on your posts. The red sweaters look great!!

I'm sorry to hear about your socks, but hopefully you'll figure things out soon. And thank you for another wonderful CA photo! Hope your camera speeds back home soon.

Brenda said...

I hope your camera arrives soon.

Good luck on the socks. I've only knit top-down, so I have no advice, but I'm sure you'll figure things out.

Kathy said...

Everyone's feet are different. Be brave. Knit them your way!

Judy G. said...

I actually gave up on socks- I don't have the patience to frog 'em. I will, however, frog whoe sweaters (it's worth it to see the horrified look on my husband's face!).
Looking forward to the return of the camera; I love the scenery shots! We did the California coast last fall and loved it!

Judy G. said...

Oh, I guess that should have been "whole sweaters". I don't usually knit the other kind. (Or is there something Freudian going on here?)

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

You just knit the socks the way you need to for YOUR feet. Everyone is different. My two toes next to my big one are all the same length ... therefore I can't wear pointed toe shoes and I like a rounded toe sock. But I have a short foot with a narrow heel. See how great it is that we make our own socks? This way they FIT the way they should once we each know our own mixed-up size, LOL. I suggest tho, you write your measurements in a Knitting Journal for reference.