Monday, April 23, 2007

FO: Eric's Sampler Scarf

Eric's Sampler Scarf
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[ETA: Welcome visitors from Lucia's Carnival of Knitting!]

This scarf was commissioned by my friend Eric. He provided the yarn (vintage grey worsted wool, with little strands of purple in it) and he wanted a scarf. I picked out Ann Norling's Stitch Sampler Scarf pattern, on his approval. It features 8 different stitches, although instead of hearts I did a single panel in the center with an "H" on it (Eric's last initial).

I finished it back in 2000, just after I'd moved away from Davis. It was the second project I attempted, after two children's hats. But I managed to get in touch with Eric, who still lives in Davis, to give him this scarf last weekend.

Yarn: vintage grey worsted, with lines of purple in it, 100% wool (don't wash it, Eric!)
Needles: I think I used size 9 aluminum straight needles. I love the swoosh, swoosh sound they make when they rub together.
Pattern: Stitch Sampler Scarf, by Ann Norling. Substitute a perl "H" instead of the hearts.
Modifications: Just the aforementioned perl stitch "H". I didn't have much experience, and I didn't know the vertical perl sections would go in and the horizontal perl stitches would stick out. If I did it again, I'd do it in seed stitch. I also didn't block it, as I didn't know when I finished it that blocking would be usual, and when I took it out of its bag it was mostly straight. I chose to leave it unblocked, as it would have been had I delivered it right away. Eric loved it. He even reported that his mother (who was once a knitter but now quilts instead) was very impressed.

Here he is, wearing it proudly.

Eric's Sampler Scarf
Originally uploaded by knitswithasilentk.


Theresa said...

That looks fun - not too boring, like so many scarves can be!

Annie said...

What a great 3rd project. Such talent.

Ali said...

Yay, you got your camera back!

Rachel said...

Wow, I can't believe you hung onto that scarf for 7 years and finally gifted it! It seems it was worth the wait, though -- Eric looks very pleased with it. What a great project for a newish knitter -- I bet you learned a lot.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

What a great scarf ... and to have it finished for so long before gifting it - wow, I'm surprised. Gee I bet he had forgotten all about it also. Looks great on him tho. And what a great project for a new knitter. Good job!!

Debby said...

Eric must be so happy to have his scarf -- how fun to make something that's "commissioned!"

You must be happy to have that finished after such a long time. :)