Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Laceweight prize!

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Yesterday I mentioned an addition to stash that consisted of some laceweight. A while ago, Mr. Fickleknitter had a funny post about his transformation from normal person to parent. He concluded with a clever little trivia quiz, and promised some of his wife's "white elephant" yarn as a prize. (Fickleknitter herself asked in the comments if she could get new yarn if she won.)

Well, Mr. Knits With A Silent K, a.k.a. The Sweetie, is a great movie line rememberer. It was one of his traits that I had to get used to when we were courting - references all the time to movies, or episodes of The Simpsons, or TV shows pop up in conversations all the time. I think he and his brother could have entire conversations speaking only in movie lines.

Anyway, I asked The Sweetie to try the quiz, and I added one answer that he didn't get, and we (e-)mailed it in, and we won!

I can't truly believe that this yarn is "white elephant" - she included KP Shadow in Oregon Coast, and a ball of Icelandic laceweight (in manly colors, since The Sweetie really was the one who won it), and a bonus stitch marker taped in place of the "i" in my name. What wonderful stash enhancement! I shall never again say one negative word about The Sweetie's ability to remember movie lines.

The Icelandic yarn feels a little scratchy, but I have a feeling it will soften up with washing. Anyone out there have experience with this kind of yarn? It looks like it's spun as a single. [ETA: I really do love this yarn - I'm just curious about it. But I feel very fortunate to have this stuff!]

Thank you so much, Fickleknitter family!


Brenda said...

Too Much Wool could certainly help you with your questions about Icelandic Wool. Great prize!

Michelle said...

I'm glad the package arrived safely. I've knit with single ply lace weight from I really enjoyed the experience. It will soften up when you block it.

Cassie said...

It sounds like we're married to the same person, although mine can have entire conversations in song lyrics (and often does). I'll email you about the loĆ°band.

Eva said...

Since I am married to the Sweetie's brother I know what you mean both about the usefulness and the downsides of a prodigious memory :-) It was fun to visit your blog!

Beth S. said...

Some of us would consider free Icelandic laceweight a real treat! :-)