Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back in Boston...

Fenway seats
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Well, mostly in Cambridge. We did some alumni tours- we went to Fenway Park, which was really a great tour. Lots of Red Sox history and stories.

We also took a tour of MIT's nuclear reactor. It was a really cool lecture and tour. They do really neat-o stuff there. Students (including undergrads) staff it! We went into the tank that surrounds the whole thing - a containment tank, they explained. Its job was to contain everything so even if something went wrong, it would stay in the tank. We had to test ourselves upon leaving for any contamination. Not your usual tour.

We saw a Boston Pops concert - they really put on a great show. They take the seats out of the orchestra section of Symphony Hall and replace it with tables and chairs. We had sandwiches and champagne and chocolates served to us during the performance. It is a truly unique experience! The funniest part of the program was a short film set to Charlie and the MTA, where (in the film) the conductor was trying to get to Symphony Hall on the T, and the Pops played the soundtrack (live) throughout the film. And of course they played my favorite, the Stars and Stripes Forever. I could listen to that, well, forever.

I also had a 5-minute meetup with Rhonda, the MIT Stitching Nut (and Felting Artist). (I'm still too shy to show my face on this blog...but go see me posing with her sock!) I felt like we'd known each other a long time, but had so much to catch up on. Rhonda provided the impetus and encouragement for my starting this blog - she told me to just give it a try. Now I have all sorts of blogging friends, all thanks to Rhonda. Yay!

I was so happy to meet you in person, Rhonda! You and your husband are wonderful people! (And you're definitely on for next time, Mafia!)


Beth S. said...

Aw, geez, I could have met you too! I don't work at MIT, but if you threw a stone from my building, you could probably break one of their windows. ;-)

Kathy said...

Go Red Sox. Fun image on the post.