Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 swatches

MS3 swatches
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Here are my 3 swatches, top to bottom:

  • Size 2 needles, no beads
  • Size 3 needles, blue/green beads
  • Size 4 needles, champagne beads

I'm thinking I like size 3 needles, with the champagne beads. The blue-green ones are intriguing, but the champagne beads, while the same color as the yarn so they seem invisible, are mirrored inside so they sparkle more. Click the photo for a bigger picture.

Here is a photo of the beads by themselves:

MS3 bead options

Any thoughts from out there?


trek said...

I knit an Odessa for my Neatnik and came to the decision that the beads being close to the color of the yarn worked best. Much less likely to stand out so much that they detract from the knitting itself. Champagne beads. Definitely.

Kadiddly said...

I like the US 3 gauge on yours the best, too. I can't honestly say about the beads, as neither of them show up very well on my monitor. It seems like the champagne ones would work a bit better with the yarn color, though!

Annie said...

I'm too dumb to live -- I can't see the beads at all and I haven't looked at the swatch at all either because I haven't gotten my yarn yet (slacker). Are they at the point of the arrows?

Anyhoo -- I like your champagne rationale. Sparkle is always good and it'll be very versatile. Lovely in fact.

And, really, the gauge is good on all -- which was the most comfortable to knit?

Kathy said...

Dearest Link helper

I don't see the beads on the knitting....
I think champagne too. I like the middle one gauge wise.

when do I get your snail mail missy?

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I like your choice. Size 3 & the clear beads. I think you'll be happier with sparkle and no distractions from the knitting. I'm still doing my swatches. One on size 4 & the other Size 5. I'll put beads in the size 5. Will decide between shiny black or matte black. The yarn is Ebony which is not a dark black at all and looks more Charcoal to me. Hope I get this done before Friday. ;-)