Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Plumeria update

Plumeria - 3 weeks
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I have been knitting my Mystery Stole 3 swatches but too busy to take photos.

As you recall, I came back from Hawaii excited to try and grow plumeria. I ordered cuttings and planted them, along with a bonus "mystery" cutting, and 10 seeds that Maui Plumeria Gardens included gratis.

These photos were taken a week ago. Mystery is the clear winner, with a big fully open leaf. I hope she's pretty! Celedon is straggling, with little to no sign of progress. And Carmen is coming along slowly but surely. I treated them by dipping them in B-1, which the hardware store lady told me would be a good rooting hormone. Afterward, I read the directions, which said to mix it 1 T per gallon of water. Oops! I was afraid that the straight, undiluted B1 would burn the cuttings, so I rinsed off Celedon and Carmen. I don't remember if I rinsed off Mystery or decided to experiment - but I'm thinking I didn't rinse, and that's why it's taken off.

And the seeds? I planted them in peat pots, watered with SuperThrive, and covered them in plastic wrap. And here they are! I've never had this success with seeds before, ever! Now to find good homes, as I really don't need 13 plumeria!

Plumeria seedlings


Brenda said...

Your mystery Plumeria is really doing well! I hope the others catch up. With all your seeds sprouted, you are going to have a Plumeria forest.

Kadiddly said...

Hiya! Nice to meet you!

I just picked up some beads at Jewell's Trading Post here in Santa Maria (actually, to my embarrassment, only about seven blocks away from my apt!) to try. I got the technique figured out, but not so sure that I like the beads yet. I might have to trek up to Grover Beach and Morro Bay to check out some other selections! Thanks for the tip!

Macoco said...

The plumeria looks fantastic - yay!