Friday, June 22, 2007

Boston trip stash enhancement

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I did get to go to one yarn shop, Woolcott & Co., the shop where Ellen of the Knit Sisters works. Unfortunately, Ellen wasn't there that day, but I left a MOO card for her. Speaking of Ellen, I think she is supposed to be hitched by now...and on her multi-city wedding reception extravaganza. Go on over and wish her happiness...I'll wait.

Anyway, none of my LYSs carries Malabrigo, and I've read lots of sighing over how wonderful it was, so I allowed myself a single skein of it as a souvenir. Yesterday I was thinking, what was I thinking to only get one skein? If I want a decent-sized scarf, I need more than 200 yards! But alas, Woolcott was out. So, if you have a skein of worsted weight Geranio (color 44), in dye lot 1809.1, that you'd be willing to part with, let me know. I have looked on the Internet and I spoke to a very helpful person at Yarnzilla who told me that Malabrigo dye lots are only 10 skeins, so if the store has it, it has all of that dye lot. So I'm looking at you, Boston area knitters. But no worries; if none shows up, then I'll just blend it with my next skein of Malabrigo.

It is very, very soft - against the skin soft, which is great for 100% Merino wool! And it has a subtle thick-n-thin thing going on. Mmm....I'll just pet it for a while. Maybe a hat. Maybe Bejeweled.

Sorry you couldn't see the beads in the photos yesterday. I quickly took some this morning (read: not the greatest photos) which shows the beading. Click on the color name for a large photo.




trek said...

I'm thinking return those and pick up some new ones?

Kathy said...

Oh gosh. NOW that I've seen them I say BLUE BLUE BLUE.

Did You discover our common ground?

its a yarnmiracle don't you think?

amanda cathleen said...

nice lookin yarn you brought home!
I love the blue beads!

Macoco said...

The blue beads look very nice there!