Monday, June 18, 2007

KIP, and following Kay

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Inspired by the Subway Knitter, I really wanted to KIP on the T. But most of the time we were going to be walking around all day, and my knitting didn't really fit in the bag. So I made The Sweetie take this shot on the Silver line T (not a real subway - a bus that is sometimes underground and is sometimes attached to cable lines) on the way to the airport. Close enough!

In other news, I'm a joiner, apparently in the footsteps of Kay, so I know I'm in good company.

The first is Dishrag Tag, another economical and fun knitting swap by Emily, of Wee Tiny Sock Swap fame. This time it's a relay race among 21 teams. Thanks to Rhonda for telling me about it before signups closed. (Sorry, y'all. If you're not in it yet, you're a spectator.)

Dishrag Tag

The second thing I joined lately, also following in Kay's shoes, is Melanie's Mystery Stole 3. What is it? A progressively released (free) pattern for a lace stole. So far we know it will be good in black or white color families and beads are optional. I've decided to throw my yarn in the ring and give it a try. Given my speed knitting lace stoles (the one I'm still working on from 8 years ago?), I forsee falling behind, oh, right away. But I can finish some swatches before it begins June 29. This bandwagon you can still jump on - it closes July 6. And don't worry, she's worked space in to consider the release of the last Harry Potter book - she skips a week for the clue to give you time to read the book.

I'm my most recent prize - the merino laceweight from Nova. Photos to follow soon!

As I used to say in college during the first week of the term, I'm not behind yet! Yay!


nova said...

Yay for knitting on the silver line! I really liked using my commuting time from the suburbs into the sitting for, if I was a knitter back then I would have gotten so much knitting done!

Theresa said...

Doesn't Emily come up with the best swaps?

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I signed up for the MysteryStole3 last week also. Got my Z yarn and beads yesterday. In black. Now get this .... I've NEVER knit lace. Other than in socks that is. So this will be interesting. It also means ... you have to keep up with me, Kim! ;-) tehe

Macoco said...

Knitting on the Silver Line? That's awesome! I thought it was a regular bus at first (recognized those blue seats) - the Silver Line is cool in it's own way.