Friday, June 29, 2007

Sky photo, Company, and Blogcation

Sunset sky
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Here is your gift for ECF and Saturday Sky.

Wednesday, The Sweetie and I headed to Solvang to see Company in Concert at the Solvang Festival Theater. We only discovered this theater last summer, when my work had its summer picnic nearby. We got there the night before the picnic and saw a show, stayed overnight, and went to the picnic. We loved it so much, we went down for midweek shows twice more, each time staying over (bargain rates midweek) and heading to work the next morning (only an hour's drive).

Company is one of The Sweetie's favorite shows of all time. It's one of those shows where you kind of have to be of a certain age and (still) single, and/or married to understand. Before he met me, The Sweetie related a lot to Bobby.

During intermission, I went up to the tech booth and introduced myself to Kadiddly, who was the stage manager for the show. We chatted briefly (she was working, after all!) and I gave her a MOO card for my blog. It's so neat to meet people in person that you've met through the blogosphere!

Next morning, we had breakfast at the Solvang Restaurant. It's a great little diner and if you're there early, as we were, you see local families greeting the hostess. I couldn't help noticing next to the register there was a display of knitting needles for sale. Yes - Susan Bates Silvalume knitting needles! And it was also strange because they were in packs of one. Who sells knitting needles in a restaurant, in packs of one?

Solvang's favorite breakfast food is Aebleskiver, a spherical pancake stuffed with jam. They're made in special cast-iron pans with round hollows in them. You know it's made it big time when Williams-Sonoma sells them. But what the single knitting needle is for is to pop the pancakes out of the mold. (You can use a skewer instead.) Just to prove they sell single needles, you can mail order gift baskets which include them here.

Lastly, I'm going away for the week for The Sweetie's family's annual family vacation. We'll be heading up to his family's cabin in South Lake Tahoe. This year will be somewhat subdued, due to the Angora Fire. We've been glued to the web this week, worried about the displaced people, homes and damage, and firefighters. Birdsong has loved ones working there. Right now, the fire seems (mostly) under control (we'll see about this afternoon's winds) and the air quality is much improved, and so we're probably going up. Not to be disaster tourists, but because there doesn't seem to be immediate danger, and we can't all move our vacation to another week. (We usually don't travel much within the basin anyway - we stay mostly at the cabin by the lake.) If it worsens, I imagine we'll vacation in the Bay Area instead. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Have a happy 4th of July (to you all in the US)! And those outside the US, I hope your 4th of July is good too (but it's probably no different from the 3rd or the 5th).


Lindystar said...

I just stumbled accross your site and found the post you did about easy blog tips.

Holy Crap Thank You.

I've been SO freaking curious about how to do the stuff all the COOL kidz are doing but have felt too stoopid to ask.

Look!! Shit!! I did it!! Yay!!! Thank you, thank you!!

Kadiddly said...

Have a safe trip!

Mmm..aebleskeivers! (I can never, ever, spell that right!)

knitseashore said...

Have a great time and I hope things are OK in that region. Looking forward to photos if you can post any.

Kathy said...

Have a wonderful relaxing vacation. I hope the winds change and the fires are put out.

knitintensity said...

I just played "Jenny" in Company this past spring at a local community theater We had such a great time -- what a fabulous show!

Kevates said...

Wow... "sweetie" ???

and I have yet another thing in common. Company is the best musical EVER!!

Hope you are well and the vacation is fire free.

Paula and the girls say HI!

KarenJoSeattle said...

I've been out of town and so behind on the current status of the fire. Hope your vacation went well for all the family.

I grew up in the foothills (Sonora) so I empathize with the concern and uncertainty. Fires can be huge and very unpredictable there.