Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Book stash enhancement

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Sunday, The Sweetie and I went to Solvang to see Urinetown (the musical). It was a pretty funny show, with lots of references to other shows (Fiddler on the Roof, West SideStory). Consequently the song styles varied a lot.

We got to Solvang a little bit early, and I managed to wrangle a visit to Village Spinning and Weaving. This is one of my favorite LYSs (well, sort of local) - they have so much yarn! This time, my impression was that they had a little less yarn and more books. But their stock probably waxes and wanes - they go to festivals and such.

On the door, they have posted a photo of this - the cutest little beginner spinning wheel ever! I don't even spindle-spin (yet), and I am so taken with the simple beauty of this little machine.

And the shopkeeper tempted me by showing me some of this - such beautiful subtle colors, rich and oh so tasty! But, I tucked it into the back of my head for a scarf or something. (It's a little too pricey for a sweater....maybe a vest.)

So I ended up with this book, the XRX book, Babies & Toddlers: A Knitter's Dozen. I really want to make a tesselated fish blanket (like this one but looking through it I saw a number of really cute baby/toddler things. With the way my friends are making babies, this book will be pretty useful!


Kadiddly said...

You know, I have still never made it to Village! I keep telling myself every time I'm in Solvang, but it's always either closed or I don't have time.

So glad you liked the show! I really like it, too, it's one that I've voluntarily seen several times already! There's an Evita nod in there, too ;)

Lauren said...

That is the cutest blanket I've seen in a long time. How is it constructed? Intarsia? Seamed blocks? Maybe something else?

Kim said...

I haven't actually looked at the pattern closely, but I think they might be just sewed together.

Brenda said...

Very cute blanket! Looks like a good book, especially when your friends are so obliging to have babies. Baby knits are very cute.