Friday, September 28, 2007

A prize!

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A while back, Chris at Stumbling over Chaos had a contest, and I was one of the winners!

I had sort of forgotten about it, so it was a surprise yesterday to come home to a box. A box? But from the black cat on the return address label, I knew it was from Chaos and Mayhem. Um, perhaps aided by Chris.

Inside was yarn, but also all sorts of goodies! A pair of Halloweenish socks with black cats, a cute note (signed by Chaos? or Mayhem?) with a cat swimming in a bath of tuna, a hilarious and groovin' CD of songs concerning cats, a cute tape measure (I always wanted a cute tape measure!), and of course, the most beautiful handdyed One Tree Hill sock yarn, from Yarnzilla. I do love me some small-dyer yarn. And it's so soft! I lurv it. I just want to pet it all day. But, to keep my pet in the vet's good hands, I had to go to work. (I should've slipped the skein into my purse for surreptitious petting.)

Fred (that's our cat) is feeling better, although not yet 100%. He's gone from not really enjoying the drops of antibiotic we put in his mouth, to actively fighting it, so I figure he must be improving. But while we might enjoy not having to clean his litter box, we're pretty sure it would be better for him if he actually used it. You know. What goes in, must come out. Right. TMI.

Anyway, here's a progress picture of my Mountain Stream Scarf. One repeat down, 13 or so more to go. It's really hard to photograph!


And after all that yarny and knitting news, I'm announcing another blogcation. I'll be away all of next week- no work, no Internet, just getting away for a bit. There might be a yarn shop, though. See you later!


Chris said...

I'm glad it arrived safe and sound and that you enjoyed it! :)

Lovely scarf - and it definitely sounds like Fred is improving!

Kadiddly said...

Have a safe and relaxing trip!!

Lucky you, the package looks very fun!

KarenJoSeattle said...

Have a nice, relaxing time off. No stress. Keep it simple.

The yarn shops should be fun, not guilt fests or gauntlet throw-downs. Buy some pretty sock yarn - and make a simple scarf with it.

amanda cathleen said...

fantastic package! So many goodies!
Glad to hear Fred is feeling better. Lovely scarf, and have a fun vacation! :)

trek said...

Sounds like you are feeling a bit better, too. Yay!

Brenda said...

Great stuff! And I'm glad Fred is getting better.

The scarf is really pretty!

Kathy said...

Prize is wonderful. LOVE the halloween socks. I love the fall/octoberfest/halloween stuff. have a great trip