Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Swatching away

Berroco Peruvia
Originally uploaded by knitswithasilentk
I have the Cal scarf, 3 lace WIPs, and I want to start a sweater for myself. I just can't seem to make up my mind. So I'm swatching.

Currently, I'm thinking of making the Tilted Duster from the current issue of Interweave Knits. I even found the recommended yarn at a LYS (pictured; US9 seems closer to gauge than US10 - only bigger by 1/4 inch per 4 inches). But I also am going to try Cascade Pastaza - a very similar yarn, very similar price, but 50/50 llama and wool - maybe a bit softer. Then there's always Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride - my first yarn, and for a coatlike sweater it's plenty soft. I think.

And so, there might be a parade of swatches coming up.


trek said...

I am not excited over the neckline treatment but I love the rest of the duster.

swatch, swatch, swatch, swatch
swatch, swatch, swatch, swatch

Inky said...

I like that duster and have it on my long list, lol.

i hope we see you on Monday!!

Judy G. said...

You're the second person I've read today who is contemplating that sweater. I, too, have it on my list, but it's pretty far down. I am impressed that you are considering swatching. That's almost like comittment.

Brenda said...

Pretty color of the Peruvian. The tilted duster is a cool looking pattern, but I think you are smart to swatch. With it's unusual construction, I think being off gauge might cause difficulties.