Friday, September 14, 2007

Parade of swatches

Parade of swatches
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I got some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride yesterday on my way home from work, in red this time. I started swatching it, but it was kind of rough feeling and really twisty tangly. What happened to Lamb's Pride? This is the yarn that I chose when my teacher said to go all over the yarn shop and pick what you like. This is the yarn that I did my first ever swatches with, and I loved the feel. Have I gotten spoiled with better yarns, or has it gotten a bit crunchy lately?

In any case, I didn't like the yarn so much I cut my swatch off short. Maybe I'll make a red scarf. (You know, for people who wrap it over their coat....or is it mean to make a scarf out of stuff that I found too scratchy to knit with?) On second thought, I could probably make a nice Danica out of these yarns....

So I have to agree with Brenda: the Berroco Peruvia is the best!


Brenda said...

Yay for Peruvian! I just got a couple of skeins of Lamb's Pride for a future felting project; I'll have to compare it to older stuff in my stash and see if the yarn has changed.

Have a great weekend!

amanda cathleen said...

your such a good knitter!
I have some lambs pride in the stash, I don't think it was scratchy, I remember it being really hairy because of the mohair

KarenJoSeattle said...

I've found the different colors of Lamb's Pride vary in ther scratchiness, but they're all slightly scratchy to me. The twistiness canbe related to which direction you pull it out of the skein.

If you're looking for soft and llama, have you tried Montera?