Thursday, September 13, 2007

Swatch of the day

Cascade Pastaza
Originally uploaded by knitswithasilentk
This is the Cascade Pastaza, 50/50 wool/llama. It's just like the Berroco Peruvia, but a little hairier and a little softer, due to the llama. My gauge is a bit off - only 14 sts/inch instead of the desired 17. I'll try again today with US8s. And I'll try and pick up some Lamb's Pride on the way home too.

Sadly, this is about as much knitting I'm getting in per day these days.


trek said...

Maybe you could sew all of the squares together and call it an eclectic blanket?

Brenda said...

I like the Peruvian swatch better for what it's worth, although llama sounds nice and soft.