Friday, September 7, 2007

Niddy noddy

Niddy noddy
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The sweetie took it upon himself to make me a niddy noddy. This is in his best interest, because I plan to frog his many-years-ago-begun sweater, and start it anew, and I will need to wash and reskein and rewind the yarn.

He cleverly designed it so that the side dowels are held in place with pegs that fit into the end of the backbone (a piece of broom handle). Thank you, my sweetie! Thank you for making me something this summer! (For the sweetie, school starts on Monday. He's on the giving away knowledge side of it.)

Do you know how hard it is to photograph a niddy noddy?


grace said...

Wow - he's so handy! He can show & tell his class: "What I Did Over My Summer Vacation/Sabbatical" :)

amanda cathleen said...

what a smart cookie you have!

Dr. B. said...

That's so loving of him! Nice, nice Sweetie.