Monday, September 17, 2007


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I took this photo several weeks ago, but it looked about the same this weekend. This shows a treetop tent that is inhabited by protesters on the UC Berkeley campus. Current plans for renovating the football stadium include cutting down these trees (not old, not historic, each tree to be replaced with 3 trees - 2 seedlings and one large tree).

If you click for the bigger photo, you will see ropes going between the trees. I saw one person cross from one tree to another harnessed onto one of these lines. It kind of looked like fun!

I've been suffering from knitting ennui. In spite of all of my dutiful swatching, I came to the realization this week that while I liked the idea of having a finished sweater for myself, the thought of deciding on yarn, size, and worrying about how it will fit is giving me heartburn at the moment. I have decided that I Don't Have To Knit Myself A Sweater. This is just for now, not quite as finally as Grumperina stated. I just don't feel up to the task. Meanwhile, the yarn that I bought for swatching will either go into stash or be sent off to New Hampshire for someone else to knit into something warm.

My ennui seems to have moved on, as I dragged myself to knitting group today and worked on my Mountain Stream Scarf and found that I felt a lot better - physically and emotionally. I wasn't really all that social today (sorry, girls!) but I was welcomed to the table and was able to sit quietly, listen to conversation, and get 10 rows done on the first repeat of the scarf. Now that felt good!


Inky said...

so great to finally meet you in person!! i hope you can make it back soon!! monday is so important to me that i work a swing shift (7 to 9 then 2-8) so I can make it to knitting!!

Kadiddly said...

Yay for Monday knitting! Sorry I got there so late - crazy morning! It's kind of nice to sit around and chat with people who don't think you're insane for spending so much money on yarn, needles, and patterns!

Kathy said...

Now don't go that far like Grumparina. Sweaters are so wonderful to wear.

Celia said...

Love that tree-sitter photo! I don't have an opinion either way about that issue, but nice photo. Dying to see your parachute photos. We were getting ready to watch the game on TV when the Boyo let us know about the parachuters. Can't wait to see what they do for the next home game!

Brenda said...

I'm glad knitting group helped. If a project doesn't seem right, I think it is best to wait. Yarn keeps.

KarenJoSeattle said...

I just recently started my first sweater project in three years. If I'd started one during that time I'd still be working on it, so I didn't start.

But now I feel so much like doing sweaters that I've stockpiled years worth of basic sweater yarn. I'll never have to go looking for a project unless I want to.

It goes in cycles. If you wouldn't enjoy doing one now, don't. That's one of the advantages of living now over a century ago that I really appreciate. Needlework is for enjoyment.