Monday, September 24, 2007

When in doubt, knit a dishrag

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Ennui continues at the Silent K household. So I did what any knitter would do. (Well, any knitter who still has plans to figure out the Perfect Sock, and therefore socks are not the automatic go-to knitting projects.) I cast on a Garterlac dishcloth. (Do you really need the link? Okay, here it is.)

I feel about this dishcloth pattern like some people feel about a certain sock pattern. It's simple. It's interesting enough to keep my interest. It doesn't demand concentration. In variegated yarn like this, it's really pretty. It's finished pretty quickly and then you have a useful and pretty thing.

This one is for my household! Garterlac dishcloth #1 was donated to the Tahoe cabin. Garterlac dishcloth #2 was sent on in Dishrag Tag. This one is staying with me.


trek said...

The garter ridges of the Garterlac Dishcloth are very good scrubbers and the tilted squares do not pull horribly out of shape when wet.

Kathy said...

Im going to start a dishrag today too! What did Dishrag tag do to us? Yours is wonderful. YES I really needed the link. All that turning though, I just did that with my sisters sweater. When you knt a second sleeve in the round, you end up turning the entire sweater around it!

Lucia said...

Believe it or not, I'd never seen this dishrag. It's really cool, especially in variegated yarn.

Brenda said...

Very nice! Looks like a good project for times of ennui.

Rhonda said...

I really should try this one. I love the look.