Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tree sitter

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This is one of the more interesting photos I took last weekend (aside from the paratroopers, which I covered in yesterday's post). The tree-sitter was assembling a sign, which turned out to read "Bears (heart) Trees Too".

Anyway, it's pretty surreal to realize this tree is really tall (adjacent to the top of the stands in the stadium). The campanile is visible behind the tree. That tent sure does have a nice view of the bay!

In knitting, I haven't knit much. I've been trying for a fitness push - to get in better general health and actually have a "one day a week rest from exercise", rather than "one day a week exercise." This has put a cramp in my already tight knitting time. But I did read through Knitting Without Tears the last few nights as bedtime reading. How empowering Elizabeth Zimmerman is, encouraging everyone to do sweaters the way they want to, and reading all knitting books with a grain of salt!


Chris said...

Congrats! You were one of the winners in my contest - you won the skein of sort of autumny One Sheep Hill sock yarn. Please email me with your mailing address!

jessie said...

I know what you mean about the exercise. It's hard to find time for it but it's really necessary for me. I'd like to fit back into my winter clothes...

I recently bought KWT and I do love EZ. It's a book I could re-read a hundred times whenever I'm feeling insecure about by knitting abilities!

amanda cathleen said...

Wow! i would be so scared to sleep in that tent. One roll the wrong way!