Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lacy stole progress

Lacy stole
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There hasn't been a photograph of this up since the early days of my blog. I worked on it on the way to Hawaii - the tray table was perfect for my two-page-wide chart. And I've been adding about 4-10 rows a week. Let's see, if each repeat is 40 rows, and I have 7 more to go plus an extra 30 or so for the last section, and I have 10 rows left in the 3rd repeat, that's 320 rows. At 10 rows a week, that's 32 weeks = 8 months? Yikes! I'd best to try and increase that rate, yes? Maybe finish by Christmas?

The problem is, I really need relatively quiet time to follow the pattern. I can do it in a small group with small conversation going on, because most of the rows are in themselves relatively simple. But it's not a quick pick-it-up kind of project.

My summer knitting goals:
  • Finish Green Gable (c'mon, it's only sleeves, and short short ones at that!)
  • Progress - say 50% - on this lacy stole
  • Finish Chevron scarf
  • Baby items #1 and #2 for pregnant friends (keep it simple- hats & booties)
  • Commission hat
  • Frog, wash wool, and restart Sweetie sweater (record gauge and write up new reality-based pattern)

That is probably sufficient to fill this summer! And it should be sufficient for the requirements for this contest. Click there and let ali know you came from my blog to increase my chance to win!


Theresa said...

Airplane knitting is so suited to large lace projects - right there with you!

Debby said...

What a beautiful stole! I hope you're able to finish it sooner than you think...those lacy rows do take a long time.

Your chevron scarf is pretty. It looks very similar to the Jo Sharp mohair scarf I made from Scarf Style, a feather and fan type of pattern.

I don't know if you saw it, but I did do the Random Things post. Thanks for tagging me!

Brenda said...

The lacy stole is very pretty! I hope it works out faster than you predict. I can see why it would take some concentration.