Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More about Hawaii

Steam vent
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The coolest thing about Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park is that while Kilauea Caldera is dormant (not extinct), there is still a bit of activity below the surface. The rainwater collects in any gaps in the ground (of which there are many) which gets heated up and rises as steam. There are lots of places where steam is just billowing or gently streaming from the ground. And the park employees encourage you to get up close and feel the steam!

No knitting last night, but tonight my group is getting together for some Thai takeout and some serious knitting!

Have you donated to Claudia's ride for MS? She has a goal of raising $20,000! We Knitters Against MS are a powerful bunch! (And you don't have to be a knitter to join KAMS.) And she's got some great raffle prizes too!

If you are planning to donate to the Red Cross for Greensburg, KS: I talked to my friend who works for our local Red Cross, and she said the Red Cross prefers to receive donations for the Disaster Relief Fund, and they they use it for things like this. If you designate "Greensburg, KS", then you know it will go to help; but if they've received all the aid they need, then it will just sit there until Greensburg, KS needs help again. If you donate to the Disaster Relief Fund, then it can be used always for the current disaster. She says the Red Cross has been very busy, with flooding in the Northeast, and fires, and of course tornadoes.

I've added both Claudia and Laura's afghans for Greensburg, KS over on the right. I'll try and keep it updated with other charitable giving opportunities.

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Ali said...

Serious knitting tonight, huh?
I'm armed and ready with my lace shawl on the needles.