Thursday, May 3, 2007

MOO cards!

MOO cards
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I heard about MOO on someone's blog - someone who is pretty hip. I took a look, and for $20 US + shipping you can get 100 little cards, with a Flickr photo (cropped) on one side and a message of your choosing on the other. (You can use other photo sources besides Flickr.) I've been running into people (knitters, friends) and telling them about my blog, and I had thought it would be great to have something like a business card to give them. These are perfect!

What they are: matte full-color printed cards, approx. half the size of a business card. You can choose up to 100 different photos to print - that's right, you can have each card be a different photo! I chose my best 6 knitting photos and got approximately the same number of each. It gives you a crop window, which initially guesses a cropping, and allows you to drag it around as you wish.

On the back, I have the name of my blog, the URL of my blog, the URL of my flickr photos, and my (blog) email. On the front, I have photos of my various knitting projects.

I've included them in with all of the charity hats I've sent since I got them, and handed them out to friends. If I meet you in person, I'll gladly give you one! They are really fun to have, and while it may take some time to hand out all 100, I can't wait to make more! I might make personal cards with my and The Sweetie's address and emails on them - they can be like old-fashioned calling cards. It's a great way to share photos in an informal way.


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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

What a clever idea! Oh my gosh, I have got to do that. You'll be out here for your reunion soon right? Hope to see you at SnB knitting. ;-)