Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Hawaii, and Yarnival

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I realized in the previous entry I'd misspelled Kilauea (I went back and fixed it). Who knew it had so many syllables? And so many vowels. That's got to be a good Scrabble word...does Hawaiian count as American English?

This is the crater-within-a-crater that you drive around and then walk up to. It is full of and surrounded by steam eminating from cracks in the earth. It is awesome.

I was very satisfied with my knitting progress last night. I knit 4 rows on my lacy stole, finished my possom lace scarf (which will make its appearance after it is washed and blocked), and put some more inches on my Chevron Scarf. I also came to terms with the fact that I'll be ripping the Sweetie sweater (to begin again, to be sure) because it is 8 INCHES too big around. But hey, I have a very large swatch which I can accurately measure for gauge. I am also planning the overall shaping of the foot of my toe-up socks so that next time I have a plan for my misshapen, lumpy feet.

And in case you didn't hear already, the May 15 Yarnival! is up. I have several submissions (I'm the "Kim" it mentions) although none of them are my own blog entries. Go see!


Kathy said...

I am going right over to see Yarnival. THose crater images are freaky. Show me some hula dancing and pig roast!

Brenda said...

Thanks for the yanrival link! I've tagged you Kim for a 7 random facts meme on my blog. This is what happens when you go away to a wonderful island for a week.

KarenJoSeattle said...

Kim, are proper nouns allowed in Scrabble.

I haven't made it through all of the links on the Yarnival yet. It is nice to read blogs I haven't seen before. Thanks for submitting items for us.