Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Random Wednesday

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I have done a tiny bit of knitting this week, but nothing photographable.

I actually picked up my lacy stole this weekend. I needed a break from what I was doing and somehow it got taken out of its place in the UFO bin and brought upstairs. The chart spanned 2 pages (it's an 11x17" folded pattern) so I moved the pattern from its sheet protector into a two-page sheet protector. Much better. I reacquainted myself with its stitches (this chart uses both empty square and square with a hash mark in it for knit stitches - is that weird?), and found where I was in my pattern.

Lucky for me, I'd included a row counter (it said 1) and I'd put in split ring stitch markers into the edge every time I started a repeat, and found that I was about to start row 3 of this (the 2nd) repeat.

And I sat down and knit 4 rows. Yay! I am really loving this project now that I'm returning to it, having learned a lot more about knitting and patterns and reading charts.

I'm also getting really really close to finishing my possom lace scarf. When that's done, I'll be down to just a few UFOs.

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nova said...

I am slowly chipping away at my WIPs/UFOs too. I have let way too many sit for way too long!