Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Broken lava
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The coolest thing about the Big Island was walking on "frozen" lava. (The lava was liquid, and when a liquid cools to the point of being solid, we call it... frozen. The science geek inside me thinks that's funny.) Sometimes it looks like the top of a pan of brownies - smooth areas broken with cracks.

I knit a little bit last night during my choir rehearsal. I anticipate a bit more time on the Chevron Scarf this week because our concert is this Saturday, and that means lots of rehearsals. Ordinarily I don't knit during rehearsals, but now that we have the orchestra, there are times where the choir is just sitting patiently. I'm much more patient when I'm knitting. =)

In other news, I won a contest over at Sugar Bunny Boulevard! I'm so thrilled, as you all know that I love to win things! I can't wait to see what Laura picks out.

It might be a while before I see it, though, because Laura has a special project - she is collecting 1,120 afghan squares to make afghans for families who lost everything in Greenburg, Kansas. Please consider making a square for this good cause, and/or donating to the Red Cross or other charity helping these families in need.


grace said...
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grace said...

(sorry, I had a typo and I couldn't edit it...) anyway, I wanted to say thanks for the little moo card, and it is really amazing to me how often you win knitting blog contests!

Brenda said...

Cool picture of the lava. I like your simile of a pan of brownies.